Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge



Towering over Uganda’s Impenetrable Bwindi Forest, on the Nteko Ridge, Clouds Gorilla Mountain Lodge takes its name from its view over the land. Often steeped in mist, this lodge has all the mystery and excitement of a film set.

Lodge and Accommodation

Hewed from the volcanic rock endemic to the region, each of the lodge’s structures have been carefully masoned to resonate the strength and patience of the land. Unwind your evenings in the dining boma or one of the other dining areas the lodge provides.

Each of the 8 cottages hold a spacious private lounge and stone hearth fireplaces in both the lounge and the bedroom, keeping even the most crisp night warm and cosy. The ample beds and en-suite bathrooms face out onto verandas that overlook the Virungas and other forested regions. Two of these cottages have connective facilities, making them perfect for families looking to experience this wild and humid region.

Activities and Wildlife

The chance to track gorillas is truly a once in a lifetime experience. As part of the conservation of these majestic animals, each party is allowed an hour with the family of gorillas they encounter. This mesmerising experience will leave guests thrilled at the sheer distinctness of sharing a moment with these gorillas, breaking down the divide of millennia of evolution.

Birding, hiking, gazing out on the stars, tours to the local village and safaris into certain parts of the land are different ways that you’ll feel Uganda’s pulse and learn about its cultures. It’s here, steeped in the mist and enfolded in the canopy of the forests you’ll find a peace and connection to the heart of the land that will brandish an impression on your soul like no other place on earth.