Duma Tau



DumaTau is nestled within the pristine lands of the Linyanti Wildlife Reserve, which fringes the Chobe National Park. Meaning “the lion’s roar”, DumaTau Camp’s base on the Osprey Lagoon is close enough to the Savute Channel’s origin to regularly hear the rumbling voices of the majestic lions. This is how DumaTau earned its name. The camp is nestled within the Linyanti Swamps, between two pathways that elephants frequently traverse, and that other game use just as regularly.

Camp & Accommodation

With our dedication to minimising our carbon footprint, DumaTau uses solar power wherever it can. The commodious dining room, spacious lounge and revitalizing pool, overlook the rich fields, lagoons and riverine thickets of the landscape, where animals go about their days unabashedly.

The 10 lodgings of the camp accommodate guests and families alike, with each suite built high above the ground to afford uninhibited vistas of the magnificent reserve. The 8 twin rooms and two family rooms each have en-suite bathroom amenities, beneath a roof of refreshing canvas. Slide the glass doors open and allow the panoramic sights of the elephants ambling down the riverfront, for another day of vigorous foraging, to pour in.

Wildlife & Facilities

A veritable utopia for aquatic and land mammals, Linyanti’s diversity attracts life of every shape, size and disposition to its abundant shores. Climb aboard a safari vehicle, where the wind will blow through your hair as you close in on the elephants, lions and African wild dog, searching for their daily sustenance. Each drive can accommodate up to 7 people.

Night drives place a spotlight on the nocturnal denizens of Linyanti. Glimpse the lesser bush baby, serval and spring hare, or if you’re fortunate the scaly armour of the mysterious pangolin. With armed rangers, Nature Walks are not only safe but a wealth of information. The hides and platforms are the perfect place to patiently capture that photographic masterpiece, or tick off the name of a rare bird on your bird list.

Fishing and the Motorboat and River Barge tours take you out into the rumbling waters of the Linyanti River. Floating down this precious waterway you’ll feel completely removed from the modern world, and deeply at peace with nature.

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