Jacana Camp



Jacana Camp is situated in the private Jao Concession on the Moremi Game Reserve boundary in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. Located on an island surrounded by the seasonally inundated floodplain and papyrus swamps, Jacana Camp is a true Delta water camp.

The Camp

Jacana Camp consists of five tents influenced by the Meru peoples of Africa and erected on raised wooden decks to ease the panoptic views of the Okavango Delta. Each tent has a walled en-suite bathroom featuring an outdoor shower, lit by mottled sunlight and shade, or by the stars of the night sky.

Lifted on a timber deck between enormous sycamore fig trees and enclosed by thickets of wild date palm trees, Jacana Camp’s main deck is an exotic experience of varying influences. Whether you’re appreciating a drink in the lounge, a crackling fire under the twinkling night sky or swimming in the refreshing pool, you’re always are spoiled for choice at Jacana.

Activities & Wildlife

Activities at Jacana Camp include mokoro trips throughout the year and game drives during September and May, when the floodwaters have receded. There are also two platform hides within the Jao Concession, perfect for birding. Fishing is another favourite activity amongst visitors.

This island is a water wonderland in a region with teeming with wildlife and birds. Explorations by Mokoro provide an idyllic connection to a bygone era through a tranquil passage along papyrus and reed-filled channels.

Jacana Camp is set in one of the most densely inhabited wetland areas, noted for the uncommon sitatunga and red lechwe sightings. All the big animals pass regularly through the area: including elephant, lion, leopard and buffalo. Wildlife absorptions within this part of the Okavango Delta rely on the water volume and therefore move seasonally. Birdlife is copious and sighting Pel’s Fishing-Owl as well as African and Lesser Jacanas and a host of other Okavango specials such as Slaty Egret, African Pygmy-Goose and Western Banded Snake-Eagle are frequent.