Governors Private Camp



As the name suggests, this camp holds an air of unspoken exclusivity. The location for the camp was chosen for its rich, resourceful surroundings. It’s common to see hippos wallowing in the muddy banks of the Mara river, or families of warthog scurrying past as you eat breakfast. Bird lovers will be inspired by the forest, where the elusive Narina Trogons and Turacos live.

The camp’s eight tents are understated in their elegance, meeting your specific needs at every turn. This willingness to serve is at the heart of Governors’ Private Camp. The Camp’s main areas include a dining area and renovated bar, all raised on platforms for optimised viewing of the game that frequents the camp from every angle. Handmade furnishings fill the polished space in each tent, where the polished flooring and the intricate golden designs on the fabrics draw your spirit up to the northern parts of Africa. The en-suite bathroom, with hot, cold and flushing water, keeps the standards of what you’re used to, whilst giving you the freedom of unspoilt nature.