Nomadic Camp



Unbound by time and space, the Nomadic Camp has the uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time. It all depends on what our guest is in search of. Today it could be at Leopard Gorge, named for its regular sightings of leopard. Tomorrow it could be Mara River, to catch the mighty migration of the loping wildebeests. You decide on where this travelling camp needs to go, for your enjoyment.


With a minimum of two and a maximum of eight Meru-style canvas tents, the camp has an intimacy that is likely to forge unforgettable memories amongst visitors. Each tent is spacious in design. Although simple in structure, the luxurious twin beds and strong canvas will ensure you sleep like a baby. Each tent has a bathroom facility with flushing toilet and hot bucket showers. Tents are spaced 20 metres from each other, with a main dining area set up in a central location. Here guests can unwind, dine, sate a thirst or recharge their electronic devices.

Wildlife and Activities

Due to the heat of the bush, safaris are kept to morning and evening, where the animals are most active, away from the heat. Depending on the location you choose for you Bespoke Safari experience, you’ll see a host of wildlife, ranging from the majestic elephant, the endangered Black Rhino, and the lesser known cat species of Serval and Caracal. The Topi, gazelle and warthog are popular sights and you’re bound to cross them during your adventure.