Kulula Desert Lodge



The crimson dunes of the Sossusvlei are akin to a Martian landscape. Kulula Desert Lodge overlooks these sandbanks closer than any other lodge in Namibia. Within the 27’000 hectare concession of the private Kulula Wilderness Reserve, this family-welcoming establishment offers a safe environment where you can re-experience what freedom truly is.

Lodge and Accommodation

Taking its cues from the environment, Kulula’s use of stone-tiled floors, cream stucco walls, wooden support beams and thatched roofs create a friendly space within which guests are encouraged to unwind and be themselves. Enjoy a drink in the lounge, beside a roaring fireplace, glancing towards the bar to order another drink to warm up the night. Whether you’re inside feeling the cosy warmth of Kulala’s character, or outside on the deck where the blue waters of the swimming pool await you, there’s always a place for you to sit back and enjoy the tranquillity that Namibia has cultivated.

The 23 kulala suites are a meeting of canvas walls and thatched roofing. Each of these chalets has been built on lifted platforms to accommodate the Namibian breezes and cool the interiors naturally. The en-suite bathrooms hold all the trappings of a modern getaway, whilst the timber flooring of your bedroom allows you to move smoothly from your luxurious bed to your private deck. It’s here; out in the open that you’ll have a renewed sense of space, with views as far as your eyes can see.

The Namibian countryside is so untouched that it offers some of the best star-gazing the world over. It’s here that you’ll see the Milky Way in all of its glory. A billion stars shimmering along an engorged snaking river of light. Each chalet has a rooftop bed, where you can gaze up at this wondrous sky without craning your neck even an inch. Sleeping under the stars is a favourite pastime for guests visiting Kulula .

Activities and Wildlife

While it’s still fresh, the morning game drives draw you into the different biomes that fill Namibia. Many mistake the land to be deserted. However, expert guides will show you just where to find the animals. You’re bound to see the likes of bat-eared fox, brown hyena, oryx and enough birds to leave you in awe.

While Italy has the pantheon, Namibia has the Sesriem Canyon and the Dead Vlei. These marvels of nature show the geological history of the world’s formation. Sundowner tours allow you to see the land from different vantages and horseback riding takes you into the corners of the reserve where vehicles cannot tread. For guests looking for a thrilling experience, hot air ballooning, complete with champagne breakfasts, allow you to see the dunes stretch in every direction from a truly marvellous height. Everything you do at Kulula is done with the sort of patience that the Namibian wilderness weaves into you.

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