Zulu, Shangaan,Tsonga,Venda - Ngwe, Ingwe
All African tribes regard the leopard as an animal that symbolizes all that is noble, courageous and honorable.
Ngwe Safari is a Premier Tour Operator based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The company was born out of the sheer love for the African Continent and for this incredible and illusive animal, the leopard.

Come and share in the magic and begin your African Safari journey with Ngwe Safari.

The Story…

A man had a dream one night of a place far beyond one’s imagination.

A place with incredible landscapes, beauty and tranquillity
A place which burns a flame from within one’s soul.
A place which leaves a deep sense of belonging and a desire to return...

We call this place... Africa

…experience it

You can have the privilege of experiencing this man’s dream.
Allow Ngwe Safari to create your African Journey.

When you feel a sense of longing in your heart....it is Africa Calling!

We look forward to welcoming You for a chapter of Your African Dream.

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