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Ngwe Safari was created out of the sheer love for Leopards.  The home page of this website shows some beautiful photographs of leopards taken by one of our very special clients who has and still travels with Ngwe Safari twice a year for the past 14 years!

Marinella Bertolusso and Federico San Lorenzo have an incredible bond with Africa which draws them to return to the bush year after year.  These beautiful leopard photographs were taken by Marinella and Federico over the years and throughout their travels to different parts of the African Continent.

A huge thank you to you both for allowing Ngwe to share your leopard photographs for all to see on the Ngwe Safari website.

Copyright Notice – No reproduction of any of the leopard photos without express permission from Ngwe Safari, Marinella Bertolusso and Federico San Lorenzo.

  • In a nutshell…

    Ngwe Safari is a provider of tour information, travel and bookings on the African continent.

    The countries we offer include Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the Indian Ocean Islands - Mauritius and Seychelles.

    Ngwe Safari makes your travel plans simple! We will arrange your entire itinerary from the moment you
    arrive on the African Continent.

    Once you have touched down on African soil, Your African safari adventure begins!

The Story…

A man had a dream one night of a place far beyond one’s imagination.

A place with incredible landscapes, beauty and tranquillity
A place which burns a flame from within one’s soul.
A place which leaves a deep sense of belonging and a desire to return...

We call this place... Africa

…experience it

You can have the privilege of experiencing this man’s dream.
Allow Ngwe Safari to create your African Journey.

When you feel a sense of longing in your is Africa Calling!

We look forward to welcoming You for a chapter of Your African Dream.

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