Motswari Game Lodge



This family-owned treasure, tucked away in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve prides itself on its sincere ambience, elegant amenities and unparalleled viewings of the Big Five. With no more than 30 visitors at a time, you can expect tranquillity and an authentically close bushveld experience.

You won’t find any spas or gyms at Motswari. Here, peace and relaxation are achieved through encounters with nature. Discover the grace of the vibrant eco-system on foot or float about in our sparkling pool that borders the waterhole. Both are as calming as a spa treatment and as vigorous as a gym workout. The library, art gallery, and guided safari walks, will leave your curiousity sated, while the curio shop is at your convenience to seek out mementos of your adventure.

The lodge boasts air-conditioned conference facilities perfect for team-building, product-releases and company getaways. A fully integrated internet system ensures that business never has to suffer while you’re away. Our adaptable conference rooms can be changed to suit your needs thanks to our astute team.

Accommodation and Facilities

Our gifts to you are the remarkable views of the bushveld from one of our 15 lavish en-suite bungalows. The authentic African finishes in each room are reflected in the awe of polished woods, cool stone and plush leather. Open the windows and the marvels of nature pour in. Intense comfort and expedient service will make your stay that much more memorable.

Activities and Game Viewing

Along with safaris that happen twice a day, you can choose to hire out your own vehicle at an additional cost to experience a more confidential game drive. However, the most unique of experiences is our beloved overnight walking safari. Here an experienced guide, ensuring your security, will lead you just after lunch. Being this close to the bushveld your senses will be enrapt with the sounds, smells and texture of the shrubs, trees and abounding wildlife. Guests stay in the luxury of a tented camp with all the trappings you may desire, and when the night unfolds around you the symphony of nocturnal life will be your evening’s lullaby. The next morning you’ll be up early to take in the new day, walking back to the main lodge to excitedly retell your experiences over brunch.

  • In a nutshell…

    Ngwe Safari is a provider of tour information, travel and bookings on the African continent.

    The countries we offer include Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the Indian Ocean Island of – Mauritius.

    Ngwe Safari makes your travel plans simple! We will arrange your entire itinerary from the moment you arrive on the African Continent.

    Once you have touched down on African soil, Your African safari adventure begins!

The Story…

A man had a dream one night of a place far beyond one’s imagination.

A place with incredible landscapes, beauty and tranquillity
A place which burns a flame from within one’s soul.
A place which leaves a deep sense of belonging and a desire to return...

We call this place... Africa

…experience it

You can have the privilege of experiencing this man’s dream.
Allow Ngwe Safari to create your African Journey.

When you feel a sense of longing in your is Africa Calling!

We look forward to welcoming You for a chapter of Your African Dream.

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