Ongava Lodge



Within the game-rich fields of the Ongava Game Reserve, Ongava Lodge brings guests within inches of the wilderness without sacrificing a stitch of comfort in the process.

Lodge and Accommodation

Elegance and fortitude are weaved into the very foundations of this renowned lodge. Here the brick walls, thatched roofs and abundant lighting, cause the grounds to stand out against the natural beauty of the surrounding grasslands. Guests can unwind beside the magnificent pool or spend the night on the deck where the well-lit waterhole is in plain sight. The dining, lounge and bar areas are a communal meeting point where travellers share their experience and revel in the moments of the day.

Of the 14 rooms available to visitors, 13 are twin bedded chalets. These suites are ideal for couples, whilst the family chalet is perfect for a family or party of four people. Each suite boasts air-conditioned rooms, an exclusive viewing deck and en-suite facilities that include indoor as well as outdoor showers.

Activities and Wildlife

Game drives take visitors out into the boundless lands of the Ongava Game Reserve, as well as the Etosha National Park. As the vehicle covers the land, expect to see an array of bush game that will leave you in awe. Whether you’re parked at a waterhole or pacing through the grasslands, lion, black and white rhino, elephants, impala and giraffe are waiting around each grove of trees or outcropping of rocks.

The black-faced impala is a rare sight in the world, but here it’s at home and you’re most likely to come across this bounding, leaping buck as it makes its way through the territory. Follow the expert trackers as they guide you to along the trails the rhino’s have carved. Here you’ll learn all about tracking and see the wilderness with fresh eyes and a new breed of appreciation.

Time spent on bush walks or patiently waiting in the hides produces some of the best sightings the land has to offer. Here in northern Namibia time is an illusion and with enough patience you’ll find the pulsing rhythm of the land that drives the animals through their daily routines and activities.

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