Serengeti Under Canvas



This travelling, semi-permanent nomadic camp offers guests the chance to be unbound to a single region of the Serengeti. The Grumeti and Mara Rivers, or the plains of Ndutu are all places to be called home for Serengeti Under Canvas.


Although rugged in appearance, the conveniences and luxuries of modern living fill each corner of the camp. From the fabric-draped ceilings of the camp’s mess areas, to the snug sofas in the lounge, you’ll never experience a moment without comfort at Serengeti Under Canvas. Best of all, the fertile grasslands of the Serengeti are an arm’s length away from you. A glance outside is commonly met with a variety of game that are passing by the camp.

Indian matting, canvas recliners and sumptuous couches are fitted into each of the 9 tented suites. Add to this the decadence of a king-size bed, your own butler, hot-bucket showers and flushing toilets for your usage. Additional touches such as the chandeliers, silverware and crystal take your overall experience and douse it in a fine blend of elegance, creating lasting memories of rustic charisma.

Wildlife & Activities

Game drives take you into the heart of the Serengeti National Park, where you can choose between extended trips into the bush twice a day, or longer journeys where you can sit down for a picnic in between game-viewing. The park restricts game drives to the roads, but the viewing is still exceptional. It’s common to see the big cats, herbivores and an abundance of birdlife on a single journey.

Also available are hot air balloon rides, visits to Lake Victoria, and Photographic Safaris. Serengeti Under Canvas is delighted to have children over the age of 6 as guests.

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A man had a dream one night of a place far beyond one’s imagination.

A place with incredible landscapes, beauty and tranquillity
A place which burns a flame from within one’s soul.
A place which leaves a deep sense of belonging and a desire to return...

We call this place... Africa

…experience it

You can have the privilege of experiencing this man’s dream.
Allow Ngwe Safari to create your African Journey.

When you feel a sense of longing in your is Africa Calling!

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