Molori Safari



Within the 75 000 hectares of the Madikwe Game Reserve, Molori Safari is the place of proud history, where the mighty Marico River has captivated the attention of adventurers and writers. One of South Africa’s most renowned writers often set his stories here, the land of leopards and Blue Gum trees.

Accommodation and Facilities

With 4 dining rooms, a relaxing lounge, library and bar, Molori Safari’s main lodge has the indoor amenities to keep guests tranquil and entertained. The interior unfolds into the hot spa bath and two sparkling pools on the polished wooden deck. Relaxation is the order of the day at Molori, with an abundance of secluded decks where guests can read, smoke a cigar, sip on a cocktail or revitalise themselves on the featured Dedon daybeds. A viewing deck overlooks the Molori Safari waterhole, attracting wildlife of all sizes as they replenish themselves in this sanctuary.

Retract the giant glass walls of the suites and allow the bushveld to embrace you. With the luxurious eggshell white walls meeting the polished ebony of the floors and the space between tastefully filled with the gentle shapes of a regal African essence, Molori takes luxury to the next level. All suites also have exclusive sundecks with swimming pools, baths, showers, stone fireplaces, indoor and outdoor dining areas, as well as air-conditioning and Bose iPod music stations for your individual preferences.

Both the Presidential Suites offer additional facilities on a more majestic scale, with rim-flow bathtubs, walk-in dressing rooms and a library-come-study for additional quiet and privacy, where guests can marvel at the collection of National Geographic magazines that date back all the way to the 1940s. The Molelo Presidential Suite and the Molelo Suite are considerately poised on opposite ends of the lodge to maximise seclusion and tranquillity.

Activities and Game Viewing

Opened in 1991, the reserve hosted Operation Phoenix – a 6 year game relocation program that moved over 8000 animals across into this new territory. With its concentration of Big Five game and astounding numbers of cheetah and African wild dog, guests may see the “Super Seven” parading through the land.

The days and nights at Molori are celebrated with game drives in open 4x4s, where experts in the lore of bushveld will guide you. Our resident expert, John D is as passionate today about the wild as he was when he first walked the bush as a child. He is ever willing to entertain children and adults alike with his fervent love of this magnificent place, hoping that they too will carry this land in their hearts. Here the Super Seven unfold before your eyes and the richness of the ecosystem will be shared by your field guide. The nights are a special treat, where an abundance of nocturnal animals such as leopard and honey badger are regularly spotted going about their business.

Game walks offer a close meeting with the wildlife as guests track animals on foot. This unforgettable experienced syncs you with the rhythmic pulse of the bush. Listen to the ancient language that bush guides have used throughout the ages and share in the knowledge of small creatures, plants used for medicine and more treasures available to the willing traveller.

Conservation is breathed into every aspect of Molori Safari. Join our vet and ecologist as they tag rhinos to ensure their tomorrows. The wild dog expeditions will captivate your heart as you learn the plight of this endangered species only 400 strong and witness the firm social hierarchy and habits that govern the pack and their ingenious cooperative hunting methods.