Vamizi Island



Off the coast of northern Mozambique, fringing a marine conservation area, Vamizi Island is nestled in the Quirimbas Archipelago. With protected beaches vacant year round, your feet will be among the few that touch its refined flour-like granules.

Lodge and Accommodation

With strong, vaulted thatched ceilings and modern curves in every inch of design, Vamizi’s main areas are a meeting of island chic and timeless luxury. The resort has a sustainable approach to its structure, allowing for driftwood to be fashioned into stylish ornaments that add charm to this already superb jewel.

The six extravagant villas hold all the standards of an &Beyond resort, with stylish interiors filled with handpicked furnishings to enhance both the aesthetic appeal and the comfort for guests. Each villa is surrounded by tropical trees and nearby beach, far away from the villas to maximise privacy and the intimacy of your stay.

Ranging from the Casamina Villa’s 6 sprawling rooms, to the Tartaruga Villa’s 5 bedroom wonder, each Villa comes standard with ample space for a family to enjoy. This includes the likes of a stylish thatched deck, along with lounge and dining areas. With en-suite bathrooms, shimmering pools that overlook the ocean and a personal retinue of staff that include chef and butler, each day at Vamizi you’re permanent royalty.

Activities and Wildlife

Green turtles hatch along the coast, in the warmth of summer, making their first treacherous journey to the water. Once they’ve made it, they’ll only return to this beach in order to lay their own eggs, burying them deep under the fine sand. Watch this unique act unfold from one of the many viewpoints looking out on the protect portions of the island, or join the Conservation Team that helps these baby turtles to the water.

Exploring the technicoloured pantheon of coral reef is another favourite for guests, where snorkelling and scuba diving reveal the most attractive array of tropical fish, turtles, dolphins and other sea mammals. It’s a veritable water safari with 400 species swimming through these waters.

The island has turned its mangrove forest into a protected site, where guests walk under the ancient canopies, catching glimpses of tropical birds and mammals that live in this region. Kayaking, yoga and dhow trips out onto the ocean are further activities available, each designed and customised for your ultimate enjoyment at Vamizi. Adult and child alike are honoured guests here.