Bwindi Lodge



Pressing against the fringes of Bwindi’s Impenetrable Forest, Bwindi Lodge is Uganda’s answer to hospitality, style and charm.

Lodge and Accommodation

Built of stone, wood and thatch the Lodge’s main areas and individual “banda” suites exude a rustic charm and simple elegance that will capture your imagination. Designers have hand chosen the vibrant colours and intricate designs that lie at the heart of the African style.

4 post beds draped in mosquito netting, en-suite bathrooms and timber furniture create an African chic that is charismatic and unique. The stone-worked verandas lead to meandering stone-masoned pathways, tucked into the green foliage and wild tropical shrubs. At night, watch the stars unfold and settle over the mountainous forest like shimmering silk over a sleeping child. Listen to the thrumming sounds of the forest animals as you lay down your head and delve into harmonious sleep.

Activities and Wildlife

Venturing this deep into Africa comes with special value. Tracking the gorillas in the footprints of an experienced guide allows you to see and hear these magnificent animals in a way that billions of people will never know. Only 8 guests per day are afforded this opportunity, where you will come within 7 metres (22 feet) of the gorillas. These trips take travellers into the heart of the forest, where there are many other birds and mammals to catch sifting through the canopies above.

Uganda is home to a plethora of birds, with over 1000 species calling these tropical forests home. Get ready to check off a host of birds from your list on tailored forest walks. Visits to the local community are available for guests curious about the land and its people. Take a drink at the bar or spend the night around the crackling camp fire, where the sounds wafting in off the forest will close in around you like a blanket, making your stay both magical and memorable.