andBeyond Savute Under Canvas


With the absolute mobility of this decadent canvas wonderland, expect to traverse vast expanse of Savute’s melancholy charm. With the camp moving every five or six days, guests have the unparalleled pleasure of seeing the ripe grasslands and the Savute Channels at any moment of the day. With the camp’s nomadic character, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another human being in the area. This fact alone makes Savuti Under Canvas the secluded getaway of a lifetime.

The Camp

Stretch out in one of the canvas chairs, overlooking the tracks of land and groves of indigenous trees, under the shade of impenetrable canvas sheeting. Share conversation in the communal dining tent, with its lengthy table and gracious service ensuring that every thirst and hunger is sated in style. Pay careful attention to the impressions left in the sand between the tents. They tell the story of each animal that visited in the quiet hours of the day.

The elegant safari tents are sturdy and rugged yet filled with delicate yet simple furnishings to keep every guest as comfortable as they would be in their own home. Slip into an opulent double bed and draw up the blanket as the night engulfs you, then draw back the canvas allowing in the lights of dawn, permeating through the thickets and groves of mopane trees. Each tent has an exclusive flushing w.c. and shower bucket of piping hot water to refresh guests from a day’s safari adventure.

Wildlife & Activities

Game viewing is a neck-turning affair. At every glance you will glimpse a multitude of wildlife, from the slow, deliberate elephant, to the zebras, wildebeest, buffaloes and giraffes, making their way to the temporary water sources scattered across the land. Listen to the expert guides and rangers as they relate stories of your favourite animals, tracked specifically to your liking, so that you can learn the habits of the regal mammals of the Botswana wilderness.

Savute is renowned for its impressive numbers of lions, where they have been known to hunt elephant – an uncommon habit amongst their race. The other occurrence within the territory is the battle for supremacy amongst the prides of lion and the clans of hyena. Both have their merits in strength and the power struggle is as real as it is transfixing to witness.

Whether you’re glimpsing a bull elephant in must, dominating the water holes, or the matriarch leading the herd to a promising new lagoon, remember that this is the land of giants, where nature serves and challenges all its inhabitants with no inkling of fairness. You’ll leave this region with a new appreciation for the gift of life.