Savute Safari Lodge



Settled on the banks of Botswana’s fabled Stolen River, Savute Safari Lodge is a traditional thatched safari lodge in a setting of singular beauty. But just as awe-inspiring is the decades old story of how the river was stolen… and in an unexpected twist, how it was given back.

Extending from the channels of the burgeoning Linyanti River and meeting the pristine pools of the Savute Marsh, the Linyanti has thrust life into the westernmost reaches of the Chobe National Park for millennia. However, the river has baffled locals and experts alike with its capricious behaviour; one moment it floods and the next it’s bone-dry. Its notoriety is epitomised in its nickname, “the river which flows in both direction.” In 2010, after a dry spell that lasted 30 years, the river flowed once again. How long will this last? No one can know for sure.

The Lodge

Savute Safari Lodge accommodates just twenty four guests to ensure a private and relaxing environment.  The lodge boasts eleven thatched chalets built of local timber and one family room which consists of two double bedrooms. The chalets, comprise of a bedroom and lounge area with ensuite facilities.  The rooms have been elegantly furnished in subtle and neutral tones which beautifully blends in with the natural environment.

Ease yourself into the leather recliners, or wood and wicker sofas of the lounge. Indulge in the resplendent quiet of the library, or gulp down a refreshing drink at the convivial bar, each room beautifully articulated in the double-story thatch and wood sculpture of the main building. The refreshingly open dining area and viewing decks will help you spot the Chobe game, as they wash and play in the Savute Channel, whilst the crystal waters of the pool will keep you soothed in the afternoon warmth. The signature expansive glass sliding doors and viewing decks at Savute Safari Lodge were designed to create panoramic views of the Chobe National Park, and are now complemented by the Savute Channel, which flows just a stretch away from the lodge.

Activities & Wildlife

Activities are centred around game drives throughout the Savute area in tailored Land Rovers. Many voyages will include a visit to the Savute Marsh. It is here that you will see, first-hand, just how old this land is, with the marshes of the Savute Channel teeming with the wild animals of the Chobe, along with the prehistoric San rock-paintings of Gubatsa Hills – the only outcropping of rock in this otherwise level territory.

With the second largest Zebra migration in Africa, you’ll experience the majesty of the stupefying numbers of these striped gallopers as they make their way to rain-ripe grasses. The specific dates for these journeys may vary according to the rains, but occur between November and December and then again between February and April. With these mammoth numbers of zebra being closely stalked by predators, the setting becomes an unfolding drama. Witness it first hand on your stay at Savute Safari Lodge.