andBeyond Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge



Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge is situated in a remote private concession of 8 000 hectares (19 800 acres) wilderness area in the south-eastern Okavango Delta.  It is right on the southern tip of Chief’s Island, on the southern border of Moremi Game Reserve and within the Santantadibe River system. Sandibe has private traversing rights over a vast portion of this wilderness. The site was specifically chosen for its extraordinary beauty, from the refreshing canopy of knobbly fig and wild palms to the golden hues of grass along the sun-drenched marshes, where palm fronds sway on the islands along the Delta’s expanse.

The Camp

The 12 intimate weaver-inspired abodes hold the grandeur of arched, vaulted wooden ceilings, yet the organic simplicity of sanded blonde timber and panels of glass ensure that the focus is always the environment. En-suite bathrooms keep the intention of ease intact with the added privacy needed. Your decadent king-sized bed faces out into the waters of the Delta, draped in luxurious fabrics, where the sounds of the lapping water and fluttering birds will greet you with the light of a new day.

Each cottage extends out into a secluded viewing deck, raised at such a height to peek above the reeds along the banks of the Delta. Here the night is brought to life by the sparkling of the starry skies and drawn nearer by the symphony of frogs along the riverbanks. For chilly evenings, your suite’s the wood-burning fireplace will create the ideal warmth for complete enjoyment.

No sparing of imagination, flair and taste, the sitting and dining areas will have you transfixed by the curved, overhanging ceilings reminiscent of an opera house. The burgeoning arches allow the African sunlight to waft into every corner these immense rooms. The dining room’s immense table, roughly hewn and shaped from the root of an ironwood giant, creates an aura of earthiness in this space.

Guests will be transfixed by the spicy aromas of delicious cuisine wafting out into the swaying papyrus fields. The colour tones of copper, wood and charcoal in each of these areas interplay to create the artistic revelry for which Sandibe will be renowned. The ample bar is perfect for the afternoon drink or the morning cappuccino, whilst the boma, filled with a dazzling array of lamps, hold the artistic construction of a pangolin’s bony tail assembled with the logs of local timber.

Activities & Wildlife

Highly trained guides and trackers will do their utmost to delight you with a choice of twice daily game drives. Here you can explore the rich wildlife surrounding Sandibe on early morning and late afternoon or evening safaris in an open vehicle. The landscape traversed on game drives includes floodplains, as well as seasonal grassland, woodland, shrubland and savanna. Game drives track the Big Five, as well as a variety of other animals, including the semi-aquatic lechwe and sitatunga antelope.

Enjoy interpretive bush walks, taking a leisurely walk in the surroundings of the Camp to take in the sights, smells and sounds of the Okavango Delta, accompanied by an armed guide.

Mokoro excursions explore the waterways of the Okavango in the company of our experienced guides. Learn the fascinating details of the Delta’s network of channels, fringed by dense reeds and papyrus. A good variety of fish can be found in the clear waters and fishing trips can be arranged on request during fishing season (1 March to 31 December).

Renowned for its abundant wildlife, the Okavango Delta and the areas surrounding Sandibe are home to a large number of species, including many predators, as well as a number of species adapted to the semi-aquatic lifestyle, such as the elegant red lechwe and shy sitatunga. Lion prides, cheetah, leopard and African wild dog may be encountered, while families of hippo hide in the deeper channels and lagoons. The area supports the continent’s largest surviving concentration of elephant and buffalo, while roan and sable antelope roam the open woodlands.

Sandibe is resplendent in an array of wildlife that is bound to impress you. Besides the lion, the leopard is a fairly common resident of Okavango, whilst the endangered African wild dog is more rare a sighting. The red lechwe is a unique favourite for guests to discover because of its elongated hooves to move with ease through the grasslands. This semi-aquatic mammal is another gem of this unique land.