andBeyond Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp


Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp is located in northern Botswana to the southeast of the Moremi Wildlife Reserve in the centre of one of the most unique regions in the world. Gifted its name from the elegant water lily, Xaranna has an airiness to it that will have guests calmly captivated each moment. Set in a private wilderness concession of 670 000 acres, it is renowned for its lush waterways and abundant wildlife. The Okavango is home to a number of aquatic and land species, which guests will encounter on many occasions during their stay.

Cast alongside the tranquil water channels of the Okavango Delta, surrounded by a multitude of papyrus and reed beds, Xaranna Camp serves unparalleled water-based experiences. With comprehensive views opening onto a permanent lagoon, this placid and secluded Camp mixes the best of what the Okavango has to offer. Float quietly on a mokoro, exploring the montage of islands burrowed among a maze of water channels.

The Camp

The nine specious tented suites face a watery landscape that will have guests captivated from the first time the window panes slide apart. The decadent four post beds draped in luxurious fabrics, trickles into the bleached blonde wood floors, raised off the Delta’s rich ground, for an even greater view of the landscape. An en-suite bathroom, complete with indoor and outdoor showers is perfect for rejuvenation. Guests can lounge in the sala to the sounds of animals playing in the water, or take a short walk along the deck to plunge themselves into the refreshing waters of the private pool.

Layered communal areas are amply sized to accommodate guests and their needs. Whether it’s the quiet of the shaded reading spots, or the exhilaration of the entertainment area, visitors have an abundance of choices available. The spacious dining room and boma are the dining areas in which to share your stories and take in the untainted skies of the bush.

Activities and Wildlife

Highly trained guides and trackers will do their utmost to delight guests with a choice of twice daily game drives where guests can explore the wildlife surrounding Xaranna in an open 4×4 safari vehicle. The landscape traversed on game drives includes floodplains, as well as seasonal grassland, woodland, shrubland and savanna. Game drives track the Big Five, as well as a variety of other animals, including the semi-aquatic lechwe and sitatunga antelope. With the cautious off-road driving policies, guests can expect to get even closer to the auspicious game.

Enjoy river cruises in an electrically powered ‘eco boat’ or mokoro and explore the waterways of the Okavango by boat in the company of our experienced guides. Learn the fascinating details of the Delta’s network of channels, fringed by dense reeds and papyrus. A good variety of fish can be found in the clear waters and fishing trips can be arranged on request during fishing season (1 March to 31 December). Spot the nests of weavers and warblers in the papyrus beds and watch out for malachite kingfishers among the taller stems. Beautifully coloured frog species, such as the painted reed frog, abound. Waterlilies brighten up the surface of lagoons, where sleepy hippo splash beneath the surface.

The Okavango Delta and the areas surrounding Xaranna Tented Camp are home to a large number of species, including a number that have adapted to the semi-aquatic lifestyle, such as the elegant red lechwe and shy sitatunga. Lion prides, cheetah, leopard and African wild dog are occasionally encountered, while families of hippo hide in the deeper channels and lagoons. The area supports the continent’s largest surviving concentration of elephant and buffalo, while roan and sable antelope are occasionally spotted in the open woodlands.   One of the most common antelope in the Okavango, the red lechwe is especially adapted for the swampy conditions. Its splayed, elongated hooves give it a sure footing in muddy conditions, allowing it to inhabit the outskirts of the permanent swamps. With an incredible wealth of species, the Okavango is also a haven for birding enthusiasts. One of its most sought after varieties is the huge but elusive Pel’s fishing owl, which roosts deep in the evergreen thickets. A quintessential African sound, the haunting call of the fish eagle, echoes over the channels.

Interpretive bush walks take the sights, smells and sounds of the Okavango Delta to a microscopic level of new appreciation. Accompanied by an armed guide, prepare to have this mysterious land revealed to you. Additionally guests wanting a completely different take of the land can take in a Scenic Helicopter Tour or go on a Horseback Safari, where travellers will gallop through the riverine marshes and feel the exhilaration of a new level of freedom.