andBeyond Bateleur Camp


Placed among a shaded canopy of wood, on the edge of the Maasai Mara Reserve, prepare to be enfolded by Old Style elegance and the handpicked memories of a bygone time.

The Camp

The main areas of the camp hold places to lounge in, and a clear lap swimming pool to drive away the heat of the African sun. It’s here that you’re bound to come across a shelf filled with tomes of leather bound knowledge, waiting for your perusal, or a fine drink filled with the refreshing clink of ice cubes.

Each of the decadent, tented suites is a story in itself. Carefully touched with vintage pieces, from a wealth of sources, these rooms are a pleasing blend of polished hardwood floors, sparkling silver, twinkling crystal and cherished antiques from a time that upheld the freedom of exploration. The stone finishes in the en-suite shower ensure freshness regardless of the time of day. Each tent offers its own private butler, awakening you to the sound of birds and monkeys with the aromas of piping hot coffee.

Wildlife and Activities

The Maasai Mara Nature Reserve is your backyard during your stay. Here you’re going to come across throngs of wildebeest as well as the crocodiles, leopards, lions and hyena that follow them on their migratory course to the northern lands. The eco-system is finely balanced with vultures and jackals polishing up the scraps left by the bigger predators. Black Rhinos are common in the Ngama Hills region, but it’s the forests near Kichwa Tembo that are home to two unique species of monkey – the blue and redtail, noted for the patterns on their faces.

Game drives are available for guests, along with an assortment of other activities. These include the night game drive, special to this area. These drives take you into the thriving bustle of nocturnal wildlife, with a maximum of four guests at a time.

Bush breakfasts give your eyes a feast of the panoramic escarpment while you nibble on an assortment of gourmet foods. The bush dinner offers an evening full of music, provided by the local Sukuti Band. The list of activities stretches on into sundowner cocktails, hot air balloon safaris, Maasai village visits, photographic game drives and Maasai dances. The last of these offerings is truly special, where the tallest Maasai warriors share their spirit of song and dance that encourages them to jump higher and higher into the night sky.