Mara Bushtops


Take the setting of an exclusive ranch on the perimeter of the Masai Mara National Park, near the Siana Springs airstrip, and apply all the decadence that imagination can glean. With all of this you’re close to understanding the intimate and sumptuous moments awaiting you at Mara Bushtops Camp.


In the centre of the camp lies the lounge, reception and bar areas, where guests are received and quietly celebrated. Here you’ll find a stocked wine cellar and a library filled with tomes to sate your curiosity. The main lounge’s stucco walls, French windows and polished mahogany furniture have a colonial feel, while only the thatched ceiling reminds you you’re in Africa. The timbered veranda and sparkling pool are positioned to look over the panoramic depths of the green Bushtops Conservancy. Here animals of all sizes roam with the freedom of centuries bygone. At night the infinite number of stars above you are reflected in the spotted glowing beads floating upon the pool. When the sun goes down the camp becomes aglow with the soft light of a million lanterns, guiding you throughout your stay.

Each of the 12 tented-suites have en-suite facilities. Every tent is named after a common animal you’re bound to see during your stay. These tents are a culmination of space, comfort and privacy. No cost was spared in their creation, and no guest can arrive without being awe-struck by the elegance each room possesses. Leisure is taken seriously at Bushtops, where you can relax on your private deck, sit in your Jacuzzi or use your telescope to see what is happening around you.

Leopard Tent is the camp’s jewel accommodation. Two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a lowered lounge area in the centre of the tent, fireplace, Jacuzzi and wine collection, turn the enormous space into a living quarter where guest will create memories. Add to this the fine décor, declaring opulence of the highest order, and you’ll understand why Leopard Tent is the place of magical memories.

Wildlife and Activities

Game drives across the Masai Mara or the Bushtops Conservancy take you into each nook of the land, where you’re going to meet an abundance of game that make up the entire food chain. Bush walks, led by experienced guides, teach you the lore of the Masai people. It’s here that you’ll get close enough to feel the pulsing thrum of Mother Nature’s rhythm. Star gazing in this remote part of the natural world is dumbfounding. A look upwards will reveal the light of the Milky Way churning in a tornado of star dust across the sky.

Visits to the local Masai villages include a tour of the local school and other facilities, engraining a truly authentic experience with something very real. The camp’s spa is at your service, whether you prefer to visit it, or have a massage come to you. A gym is also on hand, where you can keep up your fitness. Guests over the age of 7 are welcome at Mara Bushtops Camp.