Le Victoria


Location and Distance to Airport:

Along the North West coast of Mauritius, stretching away from Point aux Biches, Victoria Resort holds panoramic vistas of the sparkling Indian Ocean for all travellers to enjoy. The 63 kilometre drive from the SSR International Airport is an hour’s journey through some of the splendid terrain of Mauritius.


With a variety of warm and welcoming places to catch the hues of the island sunset in all its glory, picturesque communal areas, modern lines of architecture and a fresh, rejuvenating feel, Victoria is the resort favoured by the old, the young and everyone in between. It boasts the biggest and most chic rooms of all the islands 4 star accommodations and is ideal for families looking to get away, rejuvenating and recapture the essence of authentic living.

The lobby faces out onto the vast Indian Ocean, creating an instant yearning to explore the seas. The mini club is perfect for the kids, whilst the nearby Grand Bay and Port Louis will sate all of your shopping cravings.

From snorkelling within the marine park or sauntering along the 1.4 kilometre stretch of private beach, you’re in for a lifetime’s worth of memories at Victoria.


Expertly crafted décor and ground-breaking use of colour, bridge the gap between the sandy beaches of the ocean and the plush interior of the suites. From beige to crisp golden white and the sea shades of turquoise and teal, tranquillity meets your eyes the way the tides rush out to meet the shore. From the comfort of your Twin or king-size double bed you’ll hear the crashing of waves and dream sweet dreams.

The amply spaced Superior and Deluxe Rooms hold all the modern fittings of a hotel experience, with a choice of ground and second floor suites available. The Junior and Senior Suites are a step above, with even more expansive designs. The Family Apartments and single Executive Suite round up the accommodations, providing ever greater heights of luxury, privacy and quiet, giving you enough choices to truly customise your stay.

Restaurants and Bars:

Le Bar is the vaulted yet warm bar, nearest to the beach, but equally close to the pool. Under the eaves of a towering palm tree you can take in your cocktails, baguettes or pancakes throughout the day.

The resort’s flagship restaurant is Le Superbe, designed with separated sections to create a different ambience in each room, welcoming variety. Watch the fires blaze and the hear the pans sizzle in the live cooking experience.  The chefs turn simple ingredients to culinary delights that end up right on your plate. A children’s area is separate within the restaurant, allowing kids to feel the pleasure of independence. Buffet dinners featuring local and international foods are always on hand for the adventurous.

L’Horizon is the closest you’ll get to snatching the seafood straight from the ocean. Choose your fish or other ocean delicacies from the “fish market”, where the daily catches are on display. From here it’s a simple trip to the kitchen before it’s delivered to your serving dish.

La Casa holds the Mediterranean flavours you’re longing for. Overlooking the great Port St Louis, this restaurant will keep you mesmerised from starters, to main course all the way through to dessert.


Victoria’s weekly entertainment program is filled with daytime activities that will thrill people from all walks of life and fitness levels. The evening entertainment comes in the form of live bands, cabarets and cultural experiences from the local Creole people.

As far as your imagination can stretch is the real limit to the activities available to you. From the ocean come the wonders of snorkelling, kayaking, windsurfing, small-line fishing and trips on the waters in a glass-bottomed boat. All of these marvels will thrill you with the variety of ocean breezes and tropical fish awash in the waters.

You’ll find world class coaching in golf and tennis at every Beachcomber resort. The coaches and trainers are handpicked to have all the qualities of communication, patience and observation to take your game to the next level.

Mountain-biking takes you inland, to peruse the tropical terrain up close. Sandcastle building and beach picnics keep your feet on the sandy shores of the Indian Ocean. Many more opportunities await you to explore the island, but if you’d prefer to pamper yourself and rejuvenate your body, the renowned House of Clarins spas are waiting. If fitness is your value then indulge in a workout at one of the well-stocked gyms. Whichever direction your wishes take you, know that there’s always something to experience with Beachcomber Resort’s array of activities.

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