Little Kulula



Standing at the foot of Namibia’s Sand Sea, within the 67’000 acres of the Kulula Wilderness Reserve, Little Kulula is a place of luxury and serenity.

Lodge and Accommodation

The camp’s designers have merged the rugged charm of the wilderness, with its thatch, reed and crooked timber, to the chic class and elegant style that is contemporary the world over. Here both aspects meet not only harmoniously, but in a way that creates something fresh, novel and exciting to behold.

Guests can lounge on the ornate decks, or dip in the ovular pool that practically touch the red dunes. On cooler evenings the luxurious lounge is perfect to spend the evening. With glass walls, thatched roofing and driftwood chandeliers, this space has a magic all to itself. Peruse the extensive holdings of the wine cellar, where you’re bound to find a wine that matches your taste.

The 11 thatched chalets, or “kululas”, are climate-controlled for every condition. Here the weather will never hamper your enjoyment of the environment. Each suite comes with indoor and outdoor showers, accompanying the elegant en-suite facilities. The interiors remain neutral in colour, with dashes of shape and texture in the furnishings that soften the look, making the reserve the focal point of your stay.

Along with this you’ll have a private pool and deck all to yourself, not to mention a star bed where you’re privy to the unfolding night sky for as long as you desire to watch it.

Activities and Wildlife

Exploring the Kulula Wilderness Reserve comes with a variety of options. From high up in the sky on hot air balloon rides, to zig-zagging the dunes on quad bikes, all the way to game drive vehicles and even with your own feet. Horseback riding is yet another way to feel the land and delve into the pockets of existence where wheels may not tread.

Each experience offers a different take on the land and its inhabitants. These residents include the bounding oryx followed closely by the brown hyena. The elusive bat-eared fox and an abundance of birds blend into the environment in a way that is reverent, especially after your tour guides have taught you how to spot them. Each day’s sunrise is as rejuvenating as a hundred spa massages, filling you with the energetic hope of the natural world.

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