Damaraland Camp



Within the dramatic confines of the Torra Conservancy, overlooking the flowing escarpment of the Brandberg Mountains of Namibia, Damaraland Camp gives visitors the impression of being in an endless sea of mountains. Here the ranges move like the waves of an ocean tide in every direction.

Lodge and Accommodation

The camp is built on a patch of green grass, where the stone walls and timbered decks flow out to meet the land in a warm embrace that breaks down any division with the natural environment. The manicured thatched roof is trimmed to create a veranda that stretches as far as the structure itself, allowing guests to unwind any time of day with the shady cover. The boma’s high, rounding wall creates the ideal place to share stories around the fire and appreciate the stars that light up the evening. The camp has an eco-friendly approach that blends technology with sustainable practices, making this camp one step closer to nature.

The 10 thatched suites are built on stilts, elevated to enhance the views of the surrounding beauty. Each has a stone fireplace, bar and exclusive pool. Here the open plan design allows for free movement during the day. At night, the hurricane lamps fill the quarters with a golden glow that ushers in the blue, starlit hues of the sky with warm sincerity. The king-size beds are draped in delicate mosquito netting and the adobe styled en-suite facilities bring luxury a little closer to home.

Activities and Wildlife

With the lodge’s activities run by the local villages, each activity is filled with a degree of cultural charm that is rare and special. Take a tour of the San rock art, spread across the rocky outcroppings and caves of the escarpment. See the desert-adapted elephants and other game that are attracted to the area in specific seasons, drawn by the filling of the Huab River. Along with game drives to take you closer into the land, you’re bound to snap up the photographic shot of a lifetime among the roaming hills of Damaraland.

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