Desert Rhino Camp



Home within the rugged and rocky buttresses of the expansive Palmwag Concession, Desert Rhino Camp holds the greatest number of black rhino in the world. Here, these mammoth animals are at home and roam the land as they will.

Lodge and Accommodation

The Meru-tent styled camp, built on wooden decks and walled with canvas, opens up onto the land to reveal the Etendeka Mountains in the distance and the euphorbia trees in the foreground. From the lounge’s pinned leather sofas, to the dining room’s crimson draped chairs, each area of the camp echoes a luxuriant quality that is best exemplified through the exquisite service on hand.

Evening meals are best enjoyed around the fire pit, where the night sky brings all the galaxies above within a hand’s reach. The plunge pool’s cool waters are open to the landscape in every direction, where you may glimpse some of the desert-adapted game that live in the Palmwag.

The tented suites are filled with antique furnishings and textured carpets. The king-size bed faces out into the expansive view, where you’ll see just about everything you desire from the comfort of this space. The en-suite bathroom is trimmed with copper basins and the canvas walls open up for added light even in this room. Mosquito nets ensure uninterrupted sleep in this wild and rugged place upon the earth.

Activities and Wildlife

Tracking the black rhinos is an art form and takes years of skill in the making. However, the camp’s trackers come with just this sort of experience, allowing you to learn the art and find the trails that these magnificent rhinos leave in their wake. Choose to do this on your own feet or in one of the available vehicles.

Game drives journey into different parts of the concession. In each corner of the panoramic landscape you’re going to meet the arid and adapted residents of the Palmwag Concession. Rhino, elephant, giraffe and zebra, along with a multitude of others who have learnt how to thrive in these dry conditions.

Guided walks in the natural environment are a great way for visitors to learn about the eco-system, whilst bird-lovers will enjoy the opportunity to catch glimpses of the herero and Ruppell’s korhaan, which camouflage effortlessly into the background. Picnics in some of the more scenic areas can be arranged at your request, where an uninterrupted experience is all but guaranteed. Variety, style and tradition are at your disposal at Desert Rhino Camp.

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