Doro Nawas



Deep in the arid valley of the Aba-Huab River, in the Doro Nawas Conservancy in the heart of Damaraland, Namibia, Doro Nawas is a mountainous rarity. Here, dwarfed by the distant Etendeka Mountains to the north and shielded by the crimson sandstone buttresses of Twyfelfontein in the south, views are as diverse as they are captivating.

Lodge and Accommodation

The lodge sits atop a scrabbly hill, perched like a brown feathered eagle, perusing the landscape in every direction. From here, 360 degree vistas of the land are possible from the roof, where many guests spend a great deal of time coming to grips with the sheer size of the Namibian wild. The calming stone floor, vaulted thatched roof and timbered trimmings create a feeling of home, whilst the glass walls that fortify the lodge afford even more views of the surrounding land. Sit beside the fire and soak in the atmosphere of peace and possibility.

Guests stay in one of the 16 suites, where vaulted thatched ceilings, slated floors and huge beds create the context for your stay. The charcoal walls and wicker furnishings bring the interior close enough to make it snug, whilst the en-suite bathrooms allow guests to revel in the space and simple charm of the available amenities. The deck is wide and open, allowing you bed to be rolled out from the interior to enjoy star-gazing at night.

Activities and Wildlife

With all the wonders of nature to explore, along with animals such as the desert-adapted elephants that are residents to this area, your stay will be one filled with exploration. See the ancient art of the San people engraved into the rock walls of Twyfelfontein. Nature walks and game drives are also on hand for travellers looking for even more variety during their stay.

With all the diversity on offer, you’ll battle to see all you wish to discover on a single day, making Doro Nawas captivating.

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