Ongava Game Reserve



Built on 125 square miles of practically untouched northern Namibian land, Ongava lies within the Ongava Game Reserve and borders the Etosha National Park. This combination of ground makes for some of the best game viewing in Namibia. From each of the unique and charismatic accommodations, guests are privy to the wonders of the African bush, where the unexpected becomes a part of every day.

Activities and Wildlife

Game drives take visitors out into the boundless lands of the Ongava Game Reserve, as well as the Etosha National Park. As the vehicle covers the land, expect to see an array of bush game that will thrill your senses with their stealth and power. Whether you’re parked at a waterhole or pacing through the grasslands, lion, black and white rhino, elephants, impala and giraffe are waiting around each grove of trees or outcropping of rocks.

The black-faced impala is a rare sight in the world, but here at Ongava it’s at home and you’re most likely to come across this bounding, leaping buck as it makes its way through the territory. Follow the expert trackers as they guide you along the trails the rhino’s have carved. Here you’ll learn all about tracking and see the wilderness with fresh eyes and a new breed of appreciation.

Time spent on bush walks or patiently waiting in the hides produces some of the best sightings the land has to offer. Here in northern Namibia time is an illusion and with enough patience you’ll find the pulsing rhythm of the land that drives the animals through their daily routines and activities.