Anderssons Camp



Refurbished on the old grounds of a famed homestead, this cosy tented camp is situated near the Etosha Pan in the Ongava Game Reserve.

Lodge and Accommodation

Designed to accommodate larger audiences, the camp can fit up to 40 guests into its quarters at a moment’s notice, including tour guides should they be on hand. The camp’s eco-friendly philosophy creates an atmosphere where luxury never comes at the cost of sustainability. Visitors can unwind in the tranquil stone-walled dining area or take a dip in the refreshing waters of the pool. On crisp nights you can sit beside the lounge’s brick hearth, where the crackling fire will warm up even the most rigid conversation.

The watering hole is only a glance away, where you’ll see an array of four legged visitors quenching their thirst throughout the day. The hide allows the patient guest to survey this watering hole at eye level, where even amateur photographers have the chance of capturing amazing shots.

The 20 available suites are Meru-style safari tents, with 16 twin-bedded tents and 4 family tents, interconnected to accommodate larger parties. Each tent holds en-suite facilities, 4 post beds draped in mosquito netting as well as wooden flooring. The reed-panelled ceilings and twinkling lamps give each tent a timeless elegance that will weave its way into your heart.

Activities and Wildlife

Game drives take visitors out into the boundless lands of the Ongava Game Reserve, as well as the Etosha National Park. As the vehicle covers the land, expect to see an array of bush game that will thrill the senses. Whether you’re parked at a waterhole or pacing through the grasslands, lion, black and white rhino, elephants, impala and giraffe are waiting around each grove of trees or outcropping of rocks.

The black-faced impala is a rare sight in the world, but here it’s at home and you’re most likely to come across this bounding, leaping buck as it makes its way through the territory. Follow the expert trackers as they guide you to along the trails the rhino’s have carved. Here you’ll learn all about tracking and see the wilderness with fresh eyes and a new breed of appreciation.

Time spent on bush walks or patiently waiting in the hides produces some of the best sightings the land has to offer. Here in northern Namibia time is an illusion and with enough patience you’ll find the pulsing rhythm of the land that drives the animals through their daily routines and activities.