Onguma – Tree Top



Raised on blue gum stilts and overlooking a favourite waterhole amongst the animals, Tree Top Camp is an exclusive jewel within the Etosha National Park. Intimate in nature, it takes between 4 and 8 guests at a single time, making the experience that much more special.

Lodge and Accommodation

Raised high off the ground, covered in thatch and walled with strong canvas, Tree Top is the getaway that adventurers have been seeking. The communal areas of the deck, dining area and lounge face the pan where giraffe, zebra, lion and antelope pass by to sip on the cool waters.

Plush furniture and polished timber decks invite you to pad your feet along the floors and enjoy the best views that Namibia has to offer. The mopane trees, endless fields of open savannah and star studded night skies keep you entertained with the perfect vistas of the natural environment. Each of the 4 tents has en-suite bathrooms and delightfully soft beds to help usher in your sleep, along with the sounds of the birds and animals of the veld.

Activities and Wildlife

With more than 300 species of birdlife within its borders, innumerable game and the Big 5 animals of Africa, Onguma provides the experience you’ve been waiting for. Choose to experience the morning safaris, where you’ll traverse vast stretches of different biomes, where the game of the park regularly pass on their morning errands.

The sundowner drive will sate your thirst as the sun goes down. Here, as night approaches, the animals flourish into activity and you treble your chances of making that prized sighting. Expert guides and trackers take you out on bush walks, where you’ll learn where to look for spoor and other markings, seeing how the landscape paints a picture of each mammal that has passed through its channels.

If you’re patient, a visit to the Onkolo Hide will provide you with ample viewings of birdlife and mammals alike, as they drink from the pan’s cool waters, quenching their thirsts. Private game drives are another option available, where you customise the trips to your liking. You dictate the hours you’re out and the direction you’d like to explore.