Serra Cafema



Lying in the footholds of Hartmann’s Valley, tucked into the northwest nook of Namibia and overlooking the flowing Kunene River, Serra Cafema is a unique footing. With desert spanning many leagues, not many would believe that by simply crossing a ridge you’d come upon an oasis. Beneath the dappled shade of the Albida trees, and the gushing waters of the Kunene River, your next adventure awaits.

Lodge and Accommodation

By every stone that was placed to build the walls and every slat of timber used to create the flooring, Serra Cafema exudes a patience and timeless elegance. Built around the original Albida trees that were first found here, the lodge works its way around the natural features, filling the spaces with reed and thatch roofing and golden light coming from hurricane lamps and carefully placed bulbs.

The deck and plunge pool face out onto the river, where the raging rapids bring a host of animals to drink from its banks. Laze the afternoons away on a cushion or deck chair, under the shade of a canvas umbrella. On crisp days retreat the spacious lounge where a roaring fire awaits you along with comfortable sofas.

The 8 tented-villas overlook the river, with open views of the desert beyond. Each tent carries en-suite facilities, four-post beds draped in mosquito fabric and mahogany floors. Wherever you choose to spend your time, Serra Cafema will give you a new definition for panoramic views.

Activities and Wildlife

Nature drives take travellers into the desert, where the secrets of the Namibian landscape are yours to uncover. Meet the smaller denizens of the desert, from lizards to chameleons. Each has the necessary adaptability to survive even in the toughest conditions.

Quad biking covers beaten tracks to preserve the fragile ecology of the desert, whilst boat tours travel along the Kunene River, allowing you to see just how teeming this desert is with life. Visits to the local community leave guests deeply touched by the semi-nomadic ways of the Himba people. With the progression of the world, it still amazes guests that certain tribes still uphold the simple lifestyles and ancient traditions handed down to them. Serra Cafema is the unanticipated holiday of a lifetime, filled with moments you wouldn’t conceive of experiencing in your wildest dreams.

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