Skeleton Coast Camp



Built at the crook of two dry branches of the Hoanib River, in the northern reaches of the Palmwag Concession, Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp is as remote as it is calm, tranquil and rare.

Lodge and Accommodation

Built on raised platforms to evade the heat of the day, covered in stylish canvas and surrounded by retractable glass panels, you’d think you’d stepped into a 5 star luxury resort instead of one of the most remote places in the Kaokoveld. Blonde wood trimmings and stone floors, meet weaved décor and the comfort of good sofas.

The pool’s turquoise waters are the ideal place during the heat of the day, whilst the lounge areas will warm up the nights with its chic fireplace. If you’re in the mood, recliners around a campfire draw you back to the simplicity of forgotten times, where you’ll hear the wind, animals and birds, along with the sound of silence nestling against your ears.

Of the 8 exquisite tents, one is a family suite, designed for groups of bigger numbers. Each tent, however, is expansive in size and carries en-suite quarters, king-size beds, private lounge and dining areas, as well as a deck that faces out into the remote corners of this quiet land. The glass walls offer unimpeded views of the rocky terrain.

Activities and Wildlife

Explore the Palmwag Concession on a safari. This experience takes you into the throbbing heart of this sparse land, where you’ll discover that it’s not as remote as it seems. Catch the animals and creatures that have adapted to the desert way of life and see how they flourish within this biome.

Bush walks take you along the paths that the ancient dwellers of these lands once walked. The Strandlopers or “beach walkers” called this territory their home and once you’ve been on a nature walk you’ll understand how they found sustenance and lived off the land.

Journeys covering the desert and visits to the Hoanib Research Centre offer even more experiences. Allow Dr Flip Stander to teach you more about the remarkable work him and his team are doing to preserve the desert-adapted lion, allowing more of their kind to flourish in the Palmwag. Whatever your preference, be prepared to uncover the mysteries of this wild and tranquil piece of Africa.

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