Hansa Hotel



Hailed as Namibia’s oldest and most exquisite hotel, Hansa resides in the centre of Swakopmund’s town. Being over a century old, the Hansa Hotel is a heritage sight, a staple of architecture that has moved along with the times and the people.

Lodge and Accommodation

Tradition and sophistication adorn the hotel in a swathe of luxury. The filigreed steel along the staircases, the plush turquoise carpets, the ornamental walls and chandeliers. Everything exudes a charming posture that will leave guests revelling in the antiquated charisma of older times.

With restaurants, private lounges and bars, the Hansa Hotel has kept up to date with the world’s necessities. The 49 Double Rooms, 4 Suites and 5 Family Units each hold under-floor heating, en-suite facilities and access to satellite television. The rooms have been kept simple, with fine wooden furnishings and king-size beds draped in luxurious fabrics. The balconies open up onto the evergreen courtyard, ready to welcome guests for an afternoon of quiet indulgence.

Activities and Wildlife

With the variety of ocean sports, historical exploration and commercial enjoyment available in Swakopmund, you’ll run out of time before you run out of activities to do. Shop in the buzzing centre of commerce, stopping to eat at one of the colourful restaurants near the beach.

Or feel the culture by visiting the local museums and libraries, where vast collections of eggs and books await your discover. Or try your hand at surfing, paragliding, sky-diving or the plethora of other thrilling sports available. Hiking the local trails, riding over the sand dunes and quad biking through the land give you the chance to experience a holiday variety that not many places around the world can provide.