Swakopmund Guest House



Within Swakopmund’s town centre and only 5 minutes walking distance to the beach and commercial attractions, Swakopmund Guest House is ideal for guests looking for something  a little more luxurious during their stay in this historical and adventure-filled town.

Lodge and Accommodation

Filled with neutral tones of white and egg-shell cream, the Guest House is designed to exude a natural and tranquil grace. Dotted with warming paintings of the sea and its blue hues, each room blends the soft comfort of fine furnishings, polished blonde wood, canvas and organic fabrics.

The philosophy of servitude at Swakopmund Guest House allows for each and every desire you have to be met by a retinue of staff who seek to help you. The open plan lounge area and pristine dining suite open up to the majesty of the manicured gardens, where you can’t help but feel at peace.

The 7 Standard Rooms, 7 Luxury Rooms and single Family Suite weave the feel of the ocean breeze into their design. Here, sand-polished stones are laced into the artistic décor, adding an element of nature to the exquisite furnishings. The king-size beds are draped in lavish fabrics to bring you a quality of sleep that is rejuvenating. Whichever of the rooms you choose for your stay, the thread of deliberate hospitality and careful ornamentation run through each one.

Activities and Wildlife

With a town bustling with activities, guests have a never-ending stream of experiences ahead of them. Visit the town’s centre for your choice of great restaurants to dine at, cultural and historical landmarks to visit and seaside stores to buy from.

Year round there is a plethora of sporting and adventure activities to immerse yourself in. Everything from hand-gliding, windsurfing, yachting, sand-skiing, sky-diving, paragliding and surfing. These activities will keep you on your toes and thrilled from each moment to the next.

Golf, horseback riding, visits to the aquarium and traversing the sand dunes on quad bikes and mountain bikes will challenge you to see the desert in a new light. Hikers will love the Welwitschia Trail, named after the ancient and eternal plants that fill the path. These unique plants only sprout two leaves in their lifetime, but live for around 2000 years. With this variety on hand, you’ll understand why Swakopmund is regarded as Namibia’s Adventure Capital.