Dwyka Tented Camp



This environment-inspired gem follows the traditions of the nomadic life of the Khoisan people, the hunter-gatherers of the magnificent area. Shielded from sight by the captivating rock developments, Dwyka Tented Lodge is as secluded as it is lavish. The lodge offers guests unlimited access to the Sanbona’s Retreat Rooms, where stress pours out of the body. The spacious dining room and communal lounge with fireplace will warm your heart, whilst the gift boutique and wine cellar hold the discovery of new tastes.

Accommodation and Facilities

The camp holds 9 Luxury Tents, arranged in the shape of a horseshoe upon the dry bed of a canyon in the Karoo. These abodes are equipped with all the modernity of luxurious living so that guests can take in the weathered vistas in comfort. Each suite sleeps 2 adults and guests can indulge in the twin or king beds vested in each tent. Air-conditioners create the ideal temperature inside the tents. The en-suite bathrooms contain a standalone bathtub, showers and his and her basins. Each veranda’s deck with spa bath offers the perfect way to take in the breath-taking ochre sunsets washing over the mountains.

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