Singita Sweni



Nuzzled amongst the abundant trees on the banks of the Sweni River, Singita Sweni Lodge is the serene getaway of wishes and dreams. Guests experience the wildlife with unprecedented proximity from the decks hovering above the Sweni River.  The rooms are designed to ring out the chorus of the natural environment with the rich colours and calming textures of Africa.

Accommodation and Facilities

With only 6 Tree House Suites, this sanctuary offers a truly secluded experience. Designed to linger above the river, the suites are a fathoming of slender wood and glass. The shades of rich chestnut and auburn echo out into the intense hues of the forest below. The Tree Houses are linked to one another through wooden pathways high in the treetops. Each suite has a private deck and star bed for private evenings in the canopy. With this panoptic view from the trees, Sweni Lodge is an abode straight out of a fantasy.

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