The Outpost



Sitting like a chieftain gazing out over the Luvuvhu River Valley, The Outpost is the Kruger Park’s most untamed and secluded territory. Within the Makuleke Contractual Park, The Outpost is cornered by the Limpopo River in the north and Crooks Corner and Mozambique to the east. The 26,500 hectares are known for the diversity that can’t be seen in the southern parts of the Kruger National Park. Not only will visitors encounter the Big Five, but the majestic nyala roams the terrain, as well as huge herds of buffalo and elephant. The forests are some of the oldest in the world, containing the astounding Baobab, Acacia thickets, Mopane Woodlands and groves of green Fever Trees.

Accommodation and Facilities

Unabashedly chic in design, The Outpost contains all the trappings of luxury without sacrificing the authentic appreciation and respect for the bush surrounding it. The 12 individual en-suite Luxury Spaces yield to the expansive vistas of the area, with retractable screens that provide 180 degrees of unimpeded view of the Luvuvhu Valley. These suites are linked to one another and the main lodge by a wooden pathway made from renowned Zimbabwean Teak. The acclaimed bathrooms with open showers and stone bath have windows that can be closed or opened to give unimpeded views extending into Mozambique. Guests can choose to indulge in the comfy lounge or rest on the veranda’s daybed to soak up the vistas.

The seclusion of the Honeymoon Suite is its charm. Elevated higher than most of the camp, it deals 270 degree profiles of the land, as far as the horizon stretches. Whether out on the deck or resting in the king size bed, your connection to nature is undeniable.

Activities and Game Viewing

Extraordinary bush walks, where you can stretch your legs and take in the details of nature are always on offer. Vehicle safaris are a favourite pastime in this scenic part of the Kruger. With these expeditions happening twice a day and the permission to use roads formerly available only to the Kruger Park’s rangers, guests have the privilege of seeing the park from a behind-the-curtains perspective. Among the sightings of Big Five, The Outpost’s mountainous areas are perfect for leopards. Rhino were carefully reintroduced to the park quite recently.

Visitors wishing for independence can book a Private Game drive, where hours and times are not limited and the experience of the guides is legendary. Visits to the Makuleke Community leave guests feeling connected to the land, whilst the history tours covering Crooks Corner and Thulamela Ruins will carve out a space of unforgettable memories in their hearts.

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