Phinda Forest Lodge



Stilted above the sandy forest floor, yet hidden beneath the dense canopy of magnificent Torchwood trees, Phinda Forest Lodge’s innovative design will leave guests feeling the African version of Zen. Suites designed predominantly of glass allow the beauty of the forest to captivate guests from every angle and thoughtfully scattered for intimacy. The dwarf forest antelope and duiker will catch your eye as they scuttle through the dense vegetation of the camp.

Watch monkeys play in the branches above the open dining deck, or take in the warm firelight of the boma, where the gaping eyes of the endearing bush babies watch you from the thickets above. The infinity pool overlooking the majesty of the environment make Phinda difficult to leave.

Accommodation and Facilities

While the outside is a maze of untouched forest brimming with secretive life, the inside of the suites epitomizes luxury in its resplendence. The king-size bath with luxurious amenities is where you will wash off the stress of the past. The smooth, eggshell white finishes and cool, tiled floors complement the expansive windows, leading out in the deck where guests can unwind whilst soaking in the marvellous forest.

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