Phinda Rock Lodge



The harmonious union of traditional Spanish and African, Phinda Rock Lodge clings to the cliff face like a rustic Mexican adobe-style castle. Across the way from the alabaster overhangs of Leopard Rock and the valley below, the lodge has a spectacular view of the waterhole that attracts wildlife of all sizes.  Nights are warm around the campfire, with an ochre constellation of lanterns bringing the stars closer.  The antique wooden furnishings of the dining room are both intimate and festive.

Accommodation and Facilities

6 suites etched into the buttress of stone give you a unique perspective over the land. Privacy is guaranteed, with your closest neighbour possibly a curious spotted genet. The luxurious bathroom holds a tub overlooking the vast expanses of nature and three of the suites have outdoor showers on the exclusive decks so densely enclosed by tangles of branches that it may well be a personal waterfall. Take the ladder up to the roof where you will literally be on top of the world, with nothing hampering your connection to the wonders of the African plains and blue skies.

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