Phinda Vlei Lodge



Overlooking the edge of the Reserve’s sand forest, with wetland in clear sight, Phinda Vlei Lodge will bring the wildlife to you during your stay. The main lodge, with its vaulted thatched ceilings and rugged woven furnishings incorporate the natural environment and light into the core of its design. Regular visits from families of Zebra, warthog, innumerable birds and spirited monkeys are the order of the day.

Accommodation and Facilities

Feel the barriers between yourself and nature evaporate as the soft beige fabrics and polished floors of the suites blend into the timber decks and sparkling pools of the veranda. Here you will often share the waters with a passing elephant quenching its thirst. In fact, whether you’re in the shower, or the luxurious bath, the comfortable couch or indulgent bed, the sliding glass walls will always bring the bushveld and its inhabitants straight to you.

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