Kirkman’s Kamp



Within the Sabi Sands Reserve, feel the history by stepping back in time and experiencing the original and restored homestead of Harry Kirkman, overlooking the untouched planes surrounding the Sand River. This 1920s South African estate is one of a kind, giving the illusion of a bygone era, infused with wildlife roaming the lawns. The old world experience becomes complete with impeccable service you receive.


The refurbished estate holds 18 charismatic suites that oversee the lawns, swimming pools and bushveld, as well as the Sand River. The manor’s green tin roof and trimmed lawns are a cultured and motherly presence in the surrounding wilderness. Revel in the tradition of afternoon tea, served on your choice of either the cool veranda or the roaming lawns, where you may encounter the wild but amicable animals.


Sabi Sand upholds the purity of Big Five viewing, giving guests a timeless experience of morning and afternoon game drives, in 4×4 Safari vehicles. Accompanied by rangers and a team of trackers, you will have a chance to track down your favourite animal. Sabi Sands is famous for its consistent leopard sightings. Perhaps you will see them even before you stop in a shaded and safe spot for refreshments. Allow your curiosity to be sated by the knowledge of the rangers and trackers, as they give you all the insight into the wildlife that your heart desires.

Feel the exhilaration of tracking an animal on foot, or take in one of the Photographic or Private Safaris available. The choice is yours.

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