Londolozi Varty Camp



If Londolozi had a soul it would be Varty Camp. For 85 years the camp fires have burned here, making it a fixture in history you can live out. Down-to-earth in nature, there will always be room for children over 6. A guest-centred experience is the focus at Varty, where you will find a room or camp to fill your needs. Whether it’s the Sparta Hunting Camp, the Cardio Vascular Room, the Boutique, the Massage Treatment Room or the library. We are family, and the facilities are yours to explore.


Raised off the ground and rising into the shaded canopy of ancient trees, the rooms at Varty Camp provide privacy as well as swimming pools nestled in timber decks that overlook the bushveld. Look forward to the subtle natural tones that portray the camps love affair with the earth.

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