Mala Mala Game Reserve


Intelligently spaced between the Kruger National Park and the Sabi Sand Reserve, MalaMala is South Africa’s largest, privately owned Big Five Game Reserve. Since 1927 MalaMala has cultivated and drafted the luxury Photographic Safari.

Step into the history of MalaMala, where 9 decades of careful custodians have upheld the sanctity of the wilderness and ensured the abundant nature of wildlife within this 33 000 acre territory. With integrity maintained, there is little difference between your experience and that of the turn of the century explorer.

For family needs, MalaMala can adapt rooms to accommodate children of varying numbers. Each room has two bathrooms and convertible sitting rooms that can be fitted with single beds for youngsters.

Wildlife and Activities

Most important to MalaMala is the 12 miles of unfenced connection to the Kruger National Park. Due to MalaMala’s strict governing of policies, the land has been practically untouched. This means that there are no developments east of the river sand, making it the quintessential home of the wildlife. The sweet, tertiary grasses attract the herbivores to MalaMala. They in turn entice the carnivores to visit, all within range of our Safari vehicles to capture these encounters.

MalaMala does not put a time limit to game-viewing and the area is so lightly populated that there is little chance of congested queue-to-view moments. With the patient expertise of the rangers, the game are so relaxed when seeing the Safari vehicles that their behaviour is natural, giving you a fly-on-the-wall account of these animals. The rangers are also skilled with rifle and knowledgeable in the areas of ornithology and etymology. Their intelligence along, with their considerate use of headsets to communicate with each other, leave you undisturbed to guarantee a memorable Photographic Safari. Please note that children under the age of 4 cannot participate in the Safari unless the family has secured the complete use of a Safari vehicle.

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