Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge



Ushering in a new era of opulence, Earth Lodge is a revelation in consideration for the environment and guests alike. It is the merging pointa of art and nature, sculpted into the earth using tones familiar to the landscape and soft on the eyes. It is also hailed as the most eco-friendly lodge in Africa because of its environmentally sustainable facilities. Upon your arrival we will lead you down a secret corridor that opens into a scene of unimpeded, blissful bushveld.

With our choices in wooden statues by the renowned South African artist Geoffrey Armstrong, Earth Lodge shows that innovation doesn’t have to be cold. Within moments you will feel the harmony that can only come when spirits are rejuvenated by an untouched land. An outdoor boma with walls carved from tree roots will capture the imagination of the night as firelight dances between its shadows.

The dining area overlooks a pan and a vast span of bushveld. This area unfolds into an intimate library, meditation garden, gallery for the art connoisseurs and a wine cellar boasting more than 6000 bottles of the most sought after wines on the planet.

Accommodation and Facilities

Choose from 13 uber-luxurious housings that are guaranteed to pique your interest. The Amber Suite is among them, a festival of size, space and richness. From the deep egg-shaped bath, to the private steam room ending in the sculpted timber headboard, allow this marvel to ravish you with delight.

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