Simbambili Game Lodge



Within the Sabi Sand Reserve, which forms part of the Kruger National Park, prepare to soak in the unblemished epitome of Africa. Set amongst the thick stands of Jackalberry and Knobthorn trees that wind their way along the impressive Manyeleti River, Simbambili Game Lodge is a sight to behold.

Accommodation and Facilities

Considerately constructed suites, housing a maximum of 16 guests, Simbambili prides itself on merging into the environment for a supreme sense of privacy. The Morrocan-styled design of the suites lend a fluid and open allure to your experience. Each dwelling has its own sala and pool that overlooks the pan where animals regularly go to quench their thirst.

Activities and Game Viewing

Renowned for regular leopard visits and sightings, Simbambili is a veritable feast for the senses, with more game species and bird life than can be imagined.

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