Singita Game Reserve



Constructed on preserved family land within the Sabi Sand Reserve, Singita is known as “the place of miracles”. This title was earned through its mission to conserve land and empower communities to ensure true sustainability in a world of exploding population growth and accelerated loss of pristine wilderness. Singita’s mission is one of guardianship, humility and respect for the environment.

Activities and Game Viewing

Whether it’s a safari experience you’re after, stargazing, or community visits, Singita has all you’re looking for and more. Spoil yourself with a visit to the spa, work up a sweat in the gym, catch up on a good book in the library. Allow your eyes a feast within the Singita Boutique and Gallery, or grant your palate an experience of the special vintages of the Premier Wine Boutique.

Childcare facilities are available with customised activities to suit the age and interests of the visiting children. However, participation in any activities involving wildlife game, will happen via the consideration of your guide.

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