Shumbalala Lodge



The soul’s journey is kindled at Shumbalala, the place revered by many a visitor. The confluence of setting, spirit and comfort culminate in the elements of nature, guests and furnishings. The star grading council have given this astonishing gem of the bush a 5-Star rating. The suites and public areas of the camp are home to a maximum of 8 revered guests at a time.

Shumbalala’s resplendently stocked wine cellar is fit for royalty – another reason why this place has rooted itself in the hearts of its visitors. With a view of the river, this one of a kind space is ideal for a romantic dinner for two, but can just as easily be adapted into a small conference room.

Sumptuous cuisine is prepared by the skilled hands of expert chefs, for all guests to enjoy. You can choose to take these meals in your suite, or the public areas for dining, where travellers can mingle and exchange bush stories. An important note is that children under the age of 12 are only accommodated by prior arrangement.

Accommodation and Facilities

4 Luxury Suites sporting indoor and outdoor showers have been splayed along the Monwana River to give complete privacy from each other. The evenings in these suites are punctuated by the crackling fireplace.

All suites have been carefully designed to maximise the space, but these efforts culminate in the Presidential Suite. Here a private pool, an amusement area, fireplace in a secluded lounge and dining areas will be your home away from home. A point of excitement is the James-Bond style motorised deck pool, which emerges from beneath the deck at the push of a button.

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