Ngala Tented Camp



Snug between the forest and the banks of the Timbavati, Ngala Tented Camp provides extensive viewing decks to provide guests with a free view of the game strolling down to the river to drink. The intimate texture of canvas, polished wooden decks and the soft tones of fabric meet with the symphony of the African night to create tapestries of experience. Unwind in the crystal waters of the rim flow pool, with curves inspired by the path of the river bed. Lavish armchairs, impeccable service and a crackling fireplace where conversations are shared are the pleasurable chic that runs through Ngala’s veins.

Accommodation and Facilities

Nestled safely in the comfort of your contemporary tented suites you will hear the echoing roar of the calling lions. All the trappings of indulgence are at hand to give you the peaceful night’s rest you’ve been waiting for.

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