Tswalu Kalahari Reserve



Combining the mountains and sand dunes of the Southern Kalahari, with the lush fields of South Africa’s most northern arid savanna, Tswalu Kalahari Reserve is not only the biggest private game reserve in South Africa. It’s also the closest remnant to a time before humans changed the world. Here the 110,000 hectares of land are treated with the utmost respect. The variety of wildlife you’ll experience is a testament to the passionate conservation at Tswalu, where our mission is to help the Kalahari rediscover itself. A maximum of 30 visitors are allowed at a single time to breathe in the grace and rustic magnificence of the land.

Activities and Game Viewing

On hand are 6 dedicated safari vehicles that have unlimited access to the entirety of the park. With the abundance of wildlife on hand and the vastness of the reserve’s 621 square miles, guests will never experience a moment of queuing to see the animals. The expert guides will take your preferences into account on each drive out into the bushveld.

Each drive is a new adventure, with the 80 species of mammals, 240 types of birds and more variants of butterfly than the entire combination of British Isles. From the Reserve’s severely endangered desert black rhino, the bushman-revered eland, the springboks resting on the backdrop of red Kalahari sand, to the prides of roaming lions and alliance of cheetahs relaxing in the tall grass, your journey to discover the authentic heart of Africa begins here.

There are unparalleled experiences waiting for you at Tswalu. From our first-rate spa, family adventures and star-gazing to map out the mysteries of the universe. Horseback safaris will take you closer to the wildlife than any vehicle can get. On walking safaris, guests take in the sunrise with the busy meerkats, feel the rugged, succulent design of the bush flora and spend the nights looking out for the porcupines, brown hyenas, aardwolves and aardvarks that begin their nocturnal activities.

The Kalahari is one of southern Africa’s gems. Explore the following lodges and accommodations that will allow you first hand experiences of this mysteriously arid part of Africa: