The Malori



As you approach Malori (“dreamer” in the Tswana tongue) your first impression will be that of the weaver’s nest. Draw closer and the elevated dais, thatched overhang and impermeable blinds come into sight. This abode is designed for travellers desiring to break down the divisions between man and nature. Quiet will take on a new meaning as the silence of the expansive lands drapes your ears in what can only be known as the breathless patience of the earth.

Accommodation and Facilities

Designed to bring all guests into nature, you’ll find the privacy and vastness of the land enticing. Choose to sleep under the thatch or roll your Egyptian cotton-draped bed out onto the deck, where you will sleep safely under the night sky’s tapestry of diamonds. With the bathroom a short stretch away, lit up by lanterns you’ll truly understand the allure of Malori’s barefoot luxury.