Dunia Camp



Nestled in the Central Serengeti, with easy access to the Moru Kopjes, Seronera and Southern Serengeti Plains, Dunia Camp is a world of wonders awaiting your exploration. The camp lies beside a favoured passageway for the Great Migration, so twice a year guests are spoiled with the view as hundreds of thousands of wildebeest pass by in search of greener pastures to feast on.



Built with the intention of treading lightly on the earth, this semi-permanent camp utilises robust canvas, tough wood and simple lines to get its message across, without sacrificing comfort. The main tent’s raised deck is ideal for afternoon game-viewing, with a clear line of site through the gnarled acacia trees. the outdoor dinner table gives eating under the stars new meaning, where the long dining tables are positioned out in the open, lit by hurricane lamps as the night embraces you.

Each of the eight tented suites holds an en-suite bathroom with flushing toilet and hot showers. Guests have a choice of king size bed or twin beds. The raised decks offer tranquillity beyond the canvas, where the Serengeti greets you with the sounds of chirping birds, busy insects and galloping wildlife. The interior of the rooms maintain comfort with sofas, weaved carpets and soft curtains keeping the modern luxuries of living in check.


Wildlife & Activities

Game drives are delivered twice daily, when coolest. This way the expert guides are almost guaranteed to come across some of your favourite wildlife species. The Serengeti is home to a plethora of buck, predators and every animal in between, including the spotted hyena, Topi, Golden Jackal and African Wild Dog. The safari vehicles are fitted with charging stations, ponchos, blankets and canvas coverings, so that you’ll never have to abandon your safari because of the elements.

Additionally, a hot air balloon ride will give you views over the land that will last a lifetime in your memories. Picnics for breakfast, lunch and dinner can also be arranged for you, turning the Serengeti into your own backyard.

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