Manor at Ngorongoro



A crow’s flight across from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and within the expansive beauty of the Shangri-La Estate, The Manor at Ngorongoro is the Cape Dutch Homestead that blends the class of a forgotten era with the pristine surroundings of Tanzania’s unique natural environment.



From the moment you see the white walls, rounded gables and grey roof tiles of the main house, you’ll be transfixed by the beauty of this unique place. The  garden’s spattering of delicate coffee plants and the views of the Ngorongoro Conservation create the aromatic ambience that thrills the senses. The main areas of the lodge are carefully decorated with Persian rugs and leather couches for a greater degree of opulence. This, centred around a fireplace, with Ironwood beams crossing the ceiling, creates an atmosphere of peace and quiet for you to indulge in.

The 10 cottages offer a variety of luxurious spaces, where guests can revel in the polished wood bannisters, claw-foot tubs and hardwood floors. The Stable Cottages are family friendly and can accommodate groups of different sizes, as well as needs, on two floors. These suites are designed with all the trappings of modern technology, yet the elegance of Cape Dutch harmony.  The Manor Cottages have a single floor and all the amenities of a manor, along with a private veranda to dwindle away the afternoons on.


Wildlife & Activities

Heralded as the eighth wonder of the world, the Ngorongoro Conservation holds a dead volcano that collapsed in on itself, creating a biome rich in its diversity of flora. This has attracted an abundance of grazers, which in turn have attracted the predators. During your stay, on a game drive into the Conservancy, it’s common to see flamingos, ostriches, primates, lions, gazelle and elephant on a single trip.

Additionally the options to go mountain biking and horse back riding around the Manor are available. Guests seeking relaxation may try out the spa, or take in a picnic and sundowners at the crater floor. All of this, and more await your experience at The Manor at Ngorongoro.

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